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If you have unwanted, excess hair on your body, you don’t have to waste time with painful, ineffective methods like plucking, waxing, tweezing, and shaving. Visit La’i Spa in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, where the team of medical professionals can tell you more about laser hair removal. There were more than a million laser hair removal procedures done in the United States last year, making it one of the most common nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. With the help of the excel HR™ laser system, your doctor targets and removes hair safely, effectively, and painlessly. Call or go online to schedule an appointment today.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

There are several benefits of laser hair removal for removing excess hair, including:



Lasers can address dark hairs in small areas and leave your surrounding skin undamaged.


It takes just a fraction of a second to emit pulses of the laser, and each pulse can treat many hairs at one time. Small target areas like under your lip take under a minute to treat. Larger areas, like your back or your legs, can take up to one hour.


You can expect to see permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions. Some patients see results after just one treatment session. The results depend on the target area and the amount of hair.

Sure, you can shave, wax, or tweeze unwanted hair, but those methods are time-consuming, painful, and inconvenient. If you want to find out if laser hair removal might be right for you, talk to your doctor to find out.

What is the excel HR laser?

The team at L’ai Spa uses the excel HR laser hair removal system to address unwanted, excess hair on your body. This innovative, minimally invasive laser treatment works on any skin type. Your doctor is specially trained to use the excel HR system, which has a high-power laser and contact cooling technology that makes it quick, easy, and painless. The highly concentrated light beams target your hair follicles, which helps destroy unwanted hair.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

If you are planning to undergo laser hair removal, stop plucking or waxing for at least six weeks prior to treatment. The treatment targets the roots of your hair, which you remove by waxing or plucking.

You should also do your best to minimize sun exposure for at least six weeks leading up to your treatment. Do the same for the six weeks following treatment, too. Sun exposure makes laser hair removal treatment less effective and can cause complications after treatment.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Treatment with the excel HR laser system is beyond gentle. In a patient study that measured, among other things, comfort, all of the patients surveyed preferred excel HR over a comparable competitive laser hair removal procedure.


*Individual results may vary.