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Are you tired of looking older due to wrinkles and lines? Are you searching for a non-surgical approach to facial enhancement? Dermal fillers may be the answer. Dermal fillers are a minimally invasive way to smooth over wrinkles and enhance the shape of your face. At La’i Spa in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, the team uses high-quality materials that can make an immediate difference in your appearance. Call or schedule online today for your consultation.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-like materials that are injected under the skin to smooth out wrinkles and lines around the face and mouth. They can also:

  • Restore volume to the cheeks and temples
  • Help eliminate vertical lines above the lips
  • Ease chin creases
  • Improve facial contours
  • Plump up lips

La’i Spa uses the Juvéderm® family of products containing hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that’s already in your skin. These products include Juvéderm, Juvéderm Ultra, Juvéderm Ultra XC, Voluma, and Volbella.

Which products will be involved in my treatment?

The decision about which product to use depends on the kind of treatment you’re having and where it’s applied. Juvéderm Ultra XC is a thinner dermal filler used most effectively under the eyes, on the lips, and on the lines between your nose and mouth.

Voluma and Volbella are considerably thicker and can be injected deeply into the skin to fill in lines and add facial definition. Often used in the upper and mid-cheek areas, the injections effectively add volume and lift to your face.

A range of products — Volbella, Juvéderm, Juvéderm Ultra XC, and Juvéderm Ultra — improve lip enhancements, but Volbella is probably your best bet. Its small particle size allows for treatment to the fine lines surrounding the lips and subtle improvements to the lips themselves. And there’s little chance your lips will appear bulky or puffy.

How long does a treatment session last?

For most treatments, the session usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. The more work you’re having done, the longer it will take.

For the best possible results, you may need more than one treatment. Consult with the specialists at La’i Spa to decide on the best approach for your skincare needs.

What can I expect following treatment?

While some patients may experience swelling or bruising, it should subside in a few days. You can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment. The best news of all is that you’ll see results right away.

How long do dermal fillers last?

The dermal filler lifespan depends on the type of treatment you undergo. Most Juvéderm fillers last between six and eighteen months. You’ll continue to enjoy results from Voluma for up to two years, while Volbella lip fillers last for a year.

All of these treatments can enhance your appearance quickly and safely. Get in touch with La’i Spa for more information about your options.